Thursday, 13 June 2013


An entire article devoted to the most wonderful creatures on this planet. They were bred to be loyal companions to humans. And boy are they still doing their duty with all the sincerity!
I'll state my stand right away. I do consider dogs to be better living beings than humans. Human beings are selfish, violent, always eager to hurt each other and are completely sucking the life out of this planet. Why then is there a traffic jam when a human gets hurt in an accident but no one even feels sorry about running over a dead dogs body? Why are their lives less valuable to us and human life more when clearly humans haven't done much to deserve it?
On the brighter side, I have realised we have the potential to be better. I take care of the strays in my society. Recently a stray gave birth to a litter of 5. While 2 perished, 3 of them still live. It seems the people in my society have decided to let go of their indifference seeing me care for them. Now they are fed thrice a day and little children play with them instead of stoning them. I see that as quite a victory.
I think I deserve a pat on the back. :)